School of the Circuit Rider

Circuit Riders is a ministry of Youth With A Mission (YWAM)

250 years ago a wild breed of men were unleashed into the wilderness of America not unlike the 12 young, zealous disciples that Jesus sent out in Matthew chapter 10. The mandate for these young circuit riders: Take the gospel to the remote corners of America’s frontier.

“No family was too poor, no house too filthy, no town too remote, and no people too ignorant to receive the good news that life could be better.”

Their message: The kingdom of God has come, repent, be baptized and follow Jesus. Their payment: A mere 60 dollars a year if anything at all. The cost: Their very lives. 50% died before reaching 33 years old.

Their reward: Nothing in terms of societal success and yet everything in terms of the glory of God! These leaders lived for a cause greater than themselves. They were dangerous to the enemy, and powerful in the hand of the Almighty God!

The Circuit riders of old were forerunners in their day. The same call is going out again, God is raising up their example for today’s forerunner generation! The mode and methods have changed, but the mandate, message and cost of the Circuit Rider remain the same. The nations are crying out in darkness. Who will go and gather the lost all over the Earth? Who will go and awaken the Church to the joy of living fully alive in Jesus?

A generation is responding like perhaps never before in history. Confident in who Christ has called them to be and what He has given them, they go forth proclaiming freedom to the captives. Knowing the living God through deep friendship and trust in His Word, they gladly lay down their lives. There is immense hope for the hardest and the darkest, as this generation rises to its feet and lays hold of its destiny!

Our aim is to see leaders who will Save, Revive, and Multiply!

Save: by bringing the lost into salvation. Revive: by igniting Christians. Multiply: by carrying out the dream of God to go into all the world, preach His gospel and make disciples.

As part of the outcomes of this school, we believe:

  • Students will be able to boldly and clearly teach and preach the gospel.
  • Students will understand their authority to pray for healing and walk naturally in the supernatural.
  • Students will gain a foundation in the Word of God and in Christ to lead themselves and others into greater levels of faith, bold courage, radical initiative, surrender to the Holy Spirit, and an un-offended heart.
  • Students will learn the basic tenets of discipleship, to invest themselves in others who will invest in others.
  • Each student will learn to live out a lifestyle of worship, prayer and fasting as a means of deep intimacy and anointed commissioning.
  • A culture of the kingdom will be taught and imparted that will bring heaven to earth wherever it is lived out